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It is crazy to think it has been five years already, but I remember the day that Marc Benioff’s book was released, and how Josh told me I HAD to read it! About that time EGC had been operational for a couple years and was still trying to make a name for itself. I remember we had several conversations about the book just discussing ideas, thoughts, takeaways, and how we could apply this new knowledge to our business practices. It’s funny because I can still pick that book up today, and always come away with something new.

One of my biggest takeaways from the book was a method called V2MOM that was designed to help focus goals and align the organization. V2MOM stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures.

Here’s how it breakdown:

Vision – What do you want?

Values – What’s important about it?

Methods – How do you get it?

Obstacles – What might stand in the way?

Measures – How will you know when you have it?

For us we are growing at pace that presents challenges, and as a company is growing at record breaking speeds it’s important that we stay focused on why we do what we do, and not just what we do. When you have rapid growth you have to avoid “the split” at all costs, and so it is key that communication internally is clear and aligned with our goals. This is of course is easier said than done because everyone wears multiple hates. So we have to simplify. Companies, like ours, that move with the pace of change have to be adaptable and flexible. Using various metrics or other performance indicators are important to give us insight, they aren’t great tools for sparking creativity or innovation. They don’t help us find that “next big thing” for our clients and partners. We need tools that aren’t antiquated. Instead, we need tools that inspire constant change. V2MOM helps us do that. As our business changes everyday, and V2MOM helps us define our goals and organize a principled way to execute them; and it takes into consideration our constant drive to evolve. It is challenging for every company to find a way to maintain a cohesive direction against a backdrop that is constantly changing, but V2MOM is a tool we discovered 5 years ago that helps us maintain that edge.