Josh sent me an article the other day that he found on Fast Company that I really wanted CONSTRAINT to share with everyone. I even posted まどマギ原作に登場した魔女&使い魔まとめ! some of it wholesale mlb jerseys on our Twitter feed earlier.

Everyone that has anything to do with marketing, sales, or product development loves to talk about “build your brand.” It’s a corporate buzz phrase no doubt about it. Listen to any investor call and I’m sure you’ll hear a CEO or two talk about branding as well. You’ll also hear things like our “target customer” or “core demographic” or some variation of those terms as well. They are those vague terms we love CREATIVE to Pointers throw around as a crutch to rationalize our ideas and actions. It’s a lot like social media in the sense that everyone knows they should be doing it, but very few know how to do it well. Everyone knows they need to tailor their message to their audience, and we all know we need to build our brand, but for everyone who isn’t Apple, McDonalds, and Coca-Cola how do you that exactly? More importantly how do you do it effectively?

Back to the article for that answer. The interview highlights Caryn Mooney whose resume speaks for itself. She shared some incredible insight on how to develop messages and how to use a brand lens exercise.

She’s offers that you follow a simple test called the R.I.B.S. test to see if your message is on point:


Relevant – Who is your audience, and why should they care? This is business 101 – are you solving a problem they care about?

Inevitable – Paint Locations a picture. Does the audience that there is no fighting this that it is going to come one way or another? Are you fad or are you wholesale nba jerseys part of the long term solution?

Believable – Are you convincing your audience that you are the one that can make this happen? What credibility do you have for others to have Visa faith in you? A LIAMER lot of times this is earned, and not given.

Simple – We are a very distracted society. I have checked my twitter twice, sent an email, skimmed headlines on my Pulse app, responded to a text message, and looked at my calendar for tomorrow all while writing this blog. We love to multitask and as such we need to communicate in small bites. Is your message easy to consume and to the point?

What I love about the R.I.B.S. test is that IS it isn’t just for external use only. Think about how Arthritis we communicate within our companies. This is a great idea that can be used in any context to ensure the desired message is reaching the people it’s intended, but also to ensure wholesale nfl jerseys that there is a high likelihood that they consume it and some form of action is taken.