Being a fan of all things project management I firmly believe in process. However, what is process without evidence of progress? Living in the information age where everything is measured we all know that there is endless amounts of data to help us validate if progress is being achieved or at the very least being trended towards. The problem I have with this is generally this leads up to focus on the end result only, and not the process itself. Again, we live in a results oriented world so I get that, but without a clear process to get us to those end results we find ourselves distracted and focused on other things that don’t help us achieve our goal.

Let me give a simple example using sports. Like most of America I am obsessed with football. In college football Nick Saban is the king of the hill. Coach Saban attributes his success to not being more obsessed with winning than any other coach, or doing whatever it takes to win, but rather he focuses on process. He famously calls it just that too, The Process.

Web design is no different. When we take on a client we don’t just push a finished project onto our clients. What helps us deliver quality work is we don’t just start work. It seems like such a critical task, but you have to develop a project plan and a process to follow and execute that plan. You have to develop milestones and checkpoints to ensure quality and progress. You have to really understand the clients needs, do your research, and focus on the task in front of you.

evident and progress

You hear the saying “begin with the end in mind,” and that is true, but don’t just focus on the end only because results are driven by process. By focusing to much on the goal you can throw your judgement off. Break the project down into small tasks with milestones and check points. Provide yourself with evidence of progress that the project is done right.