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Okay, you got me. I stole the title of this blog from an HBR blog that I read last year. However, as I sit here and reflect on how far we LIAMER have come in such a short period of time I can’t help but keep coming back to the word “purpose.” You will hear us talk a lot cheap nfl jerseys about purpose, values, mission, beliefs, and many terms along those lines. We believe numbers don’t lead, they follow. Success is based on your pupose, your actions, your values, and your mission in life.

Purpose comes in all shapes and sizes, and the kind that I want to talk about today is shared purpose. Like the HBR blog points out “customers are no longer just consumers; they’re co-creators.” I love that term “co-creators.” Of all the words to use on how we view the relationship cheap jerseys we have with our customers that is head and shoulders the best way I can describe it. Trust me, I’ve looked – I have collectively spent about 90 minutes on today trying to come up with something clever.

We view ourselves as storytellers in a way. Frank In this manner we don’t write the stories we publish through our design and solutions we provide, rather we co-create them with our clients. After all no one knows their story better than the client. All we do is help them organize the story in wholesale mlb jerseys a way that allows it to unfold through their various communication channels and compel their customers to do business with them. During that process also we get to experience what it is cheap jerseys like to be a part of that organization, and in that partnership we can put ourselves in their shoes and share the same purpose. It’s an incredible process, and there is nothing like it.

This is a big part of the reason we offer our questionairre to all of our clients. We back want you to share your purpose with us. We want to be able to put ourselves in your shoes cheap nfl jerseys and experience your story and help align your values with your value. We want to understand what makes your organization so great, and tap into the passion of you staff. By co-creating we are able to share in your purpose, and really bring your story to life for all to experience.